Curtains can make a room. Choose the right ones, and you can turn a room from dull to vibrant; choose the wrong ones and guests could be leaving clutching their heads.  In fact, we feel curtains are so important that we’ve made sure that we have a huge selection for you in multiple styles and colours, so that you can get the curtains that are right for your room.

Our range spans from ready-made curtain sets, perfect for effortless elegance, via an exhaustive range of voile curtains in more designs than you can imagine, on to blackouts for that perfect night’s sleep. And that’s not all; whether you want to choose a vibrant colour to set a mood, or are looking for a sophisticated design to match your carefully-selected décor, we have what you need. So whether you want a calming blue or a red to lend warmth and energy to a room, check out our range and find your perfect drapes!

  • Blackout Curtains

    Blackout Curtains (27)

    Blackout Curtains

    Great if you’re sensitive to light, our blackout curtains guarantee that urban glare isn’t going to spoil your sleep. It’ll keep early summer dawns out too, allowing you to sleep until you’re ready to start your day. Thermal blackout curtains will also help you keep your room cooler during the day, as when drawn the blackout material stops the sun from penetrating through to your bedroom, keeping it nice and cool for bedtime. Ahh, bliss! Our blackouts are available in a range of colours and hanging styles, so whatever look you want, we’ve got the curtains to match. So whether you want traditional tape-top or more modern looking blackout eyelet, check out our range and find your perfect pair. And don’t forget to get for your kids bedroom as well; we also stock specially-for-kids curtains that will keep your little ones from waking and waking you!
  • Ready Made Curtains

    Ready Made Curtains (35)

    Ready Made Curtains

    Want an easy fit? Our ready made curtains range is perfect for low-fuss home upgrades, allowing an instant improvement with the minimum of bother. We have a wide-range of curtains in standard sizes, allowing you to choose exactly what you want. This includes blackout curtains, perfect for a good-nights shut-eye, and come in enough sizes for you to find the perfect fit for your window. Our ready-made curtains come in different colours and styles as well, so you don’t need to worry that the only way to get what you want is via the expensive and messy made-to-measure option; whether you need eyelet or pencil pleat,  voile or blackout, we have what you need, including curtains perfect for your kids’ room. So browse our selection and … relax.