Gaming Projectors

Gaming Projectors – A Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided to take the step up from a screen to a projector, for that immersive experience. The good news is that you’ve got a wealth of choice, running from cheap to budget-blowing, with well-known brands such as Sony, Epsom competing with made-in-china options and projection specialists such as Optoma. But which will you go for? The first thing you have to decide on is your budget, which, as with most things, will effect what you can get. Once you’ve [...]

Lay Z Spa Vegas

Bestway Lay Z Spa Buying Guide

Imagine sitting in your very own hot tub; back garden, tunes playing, drinks flowing – even the sun is shining! Well thanks to the Bestway Lay Z Spa range that dream is not so far away (well, aside from the sun shining bit). The Lay Z Spa range are well built and sturdy inflatable hot tubs designed for your back garden. They can be put on any flat surface and when empty it could picked up and moved easily. Bestway Lay [...]